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Monday, December 27, 2010

Term limits target?

You gotta give Phil Power credit. He is dedicated to re-inventing Michigan.
Oops. Sorry. That phrase is taken.
He’s on a mission to reform state government and if he could, he’d revise the term-limit law pronto.
The former newspaper publisher runs a group called the Center for Michigan with the emphasis on the Center as in the middle of the political spectrum.
Suffice it to say, you’d never see Mr. Power at a Tea Party rally unless he was kidnapped.
He’s big time into the politics of moderation and recently concluded a series of town hall meetings.
Oops. Sorry again, Somebody already did that, too.
He recently concluded a series of public forums where 10,000 opinions were reportedly gathered.
And by a significant two-to-one margin, he reports, “Those in the know want to change term limits.”
Read the sentence carefully because “those in the know” does not mean Joe Six Pack. No siree-Joe. Folks that would bother to attend one of those town, err, forums are not typical citizens.
And the sorry fact is there are not enough of those to overcome the humongous number of the others who love term limits.
Which is why Mr. P. only continues to talk about changing them and has no plan, visible to the naked eye, to actually do it. In fact, when the C of M showed up in town the other day with more talk about state government reforms, term limits did not make the list.
No sense tilting at too many wind mills.


Blogger marv rein said...

typical " town hall " meetings in TROY, Michigan are so scripted sorta waste of time going.
Questions must be hand writen,,over 500 Questions,,4 answered.,.,woo wee.and no way to get the unanswered questions.

December 29, 2010 at 9:15 PM 

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