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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here Comes the Judge

It was a Snyder decision that produced tongue wagging and head
scratching. What the heck was Gov. Rick Snyder doing appointing a
state Supreme Court Justice to run the state welfare department?
On the surface it seems like a mis-fit.
It's actually a good fit.
Soon to be ex-Justice Maura Corrigan has been a long time advocate
for little kids in the foster care system; it's a passion that dates to
her years on the state appellate courts and carried over when she put
on the black robe at the state's highest court.
Her appointment to head the complicated and embattled Human
Services Department was made in part to keep a federal judge from
declaring the state in contempt of court.
A child advocacy group in a law suit convinced that judge that the
welfare department was negligent in its handling of those child welfare
cases. Problem is too many kids and not enough workers bees to protect
them. (Try a caseload of one to several hundred.)
Before he took office Mr. Snyder assured the judge he would take
this by the horns and protect those kids.
Picking Corrigan, the governor believes, will not only keep the
contempt order on hold, but actually do something to improve the child
protective care services.
Corrigan, at her announcement news conference, pledged to make this
job one and she revealed assurances from the governor that he had
authorized the hiring of 500-600 new employees to get the job done.
This is one tough lady and the governor has concluded if anybody
can do this, she can.
She'll get her chance starting January 14th when she trades in her
seat on the bench for one in the bureaucracy.


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