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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gov's First Lose-Lose

             If will soon be put-up or shut-up time for the new governor who will eventually have to weight-in on the water battle brewing between the suburbs and the City of Detroit.
             And two Detroit city council persons have just made the Day of Recogning a little more foreboding.  They have painted the governor into a box.  Governor's generally don't like that.
            But there was council President Pro-tem Garry Brown predicting that the governor would veto any legislation that gave the suburbs control of the Detroit Water Board.
            Council President Charles Pugh did not go quite that far but close enough: "We have full faith in Gov. Snyder that he believes in Detroit and that he is going to support us on this issue." 
             It was noted that the governor has not said that, but Pugh adds, "This is a big test (on whether he backs the city or not) but we think he's going to pass."
             Oh my. That will play well with those suburban legislators who feel agreived by the Detroit Water Board.  Now they will go to the governor and ask him to pick up sides.  Are you with us or against us?
             It's a simple question but filled with all sorts of political landmines for the governor who is not use to those kind of no-win choices.
So here is a governor who is all about working together in a positive way but faces a tough choice that will certainly result in less cooperation with one side or the other.
            Going with Detroit makes him a "trader" with some Republicans.  But siding with the suburbs makes him a "hypocrite" with some Detroit officials.
           Can you say lose-lose?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skoops, get a proofreader. Don't you mean that going with Detroit makes him a "traitor" with some Republicans, not a "trader"?

He's not bartering for furs.

January 23, 2011 at 5:18 AM 

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