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Friday, January 21, 2011

Together Again

     Virg Bernero and Rick Snyder are not exactly drinking buddies.
      But it's not far-fetched to envision these two, sharing the podium to promote an issue that is near and dear to both of them:  Regional cooperation.
     Oh yeah.  Here will go again with another so-called push to force cities, townships and counties to give up some of their turf all in the name of saying your tax dollars.
     Let's see.  How many previous governors have tried this and pretty much failed?
     Well here comes the new gov which an old idea.  Gov. Snyder figures if you promise more state aid for local governments in return for consolidation, everything will be peachy.
      Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm tired that.  She even hired a former mayor who had legislative experience, plopped him in the state treasury department to facilitate the changes and?  She left office with the locals making some progress but apparently not enough.
      Bernero's got it right when he says, "There's a lot of fiefdoms and a lot of parochialism" which is government speak for local governments will give up their authority when you know what freezes over.
      "We need a carrot and a stick," the defeated Democrat for governor advises the guy who beat him.  "I'm hopeful his administration will find a way" to get this done, he hopes.
       Bernero knows that entrenched bureaucracies are loathed to give any ground because "There's a political price to pay for merger."
      The trick for the new governor and his new "friend" Mr. Bernero is to make the locals an offer they can't refuse.


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