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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Snyder-Speak

       Given a chance to wade into the shark-infested waters surrounding control of the Detroit Water Board, Gov. Rick Snyder stayed on the shoreline and looked in-land instead.
       That was not exactly music to the ears of two Detroit City Council guys. They had earlier predicted that the new governor was on their side in the unfolding struggle between the burbs and the city over which will run the water operation.
      The Detroit Council President Pro-Tem, Gary Brown, went so far as to suggest the govenror would veto any legislation that drained the City of Detroit of it's water power.
      Not even close.
      Cornered at the auto show by WWJ NewsRadio 950, the governor was asked for his stance.
      Cue the Snyder-speak.
      "Again, that's where we need to sit down and talk about best long term solutions," he began his evasion of the pointed inquiry, adding "they've had some challenges in the water system and I believe they will work through them in a constructive way.
     That does not do the dispute justice.
     But give this new guv credit, just as he did during the campaign, if he doesn't want to talk about something, he won't.
     The reporter asked if he supported Detroit?
     "Again, we're going to let the region talk through that first.  I'm focused on the state issues and our economy," which was merely his way of saying, There's no way you can drag me into this mess.
     Who says he's not a savvy politician?


Blogger jcstewart1949 said...

I agree with you. Gov. Snyder is a savvy politician. On Oct. 18, at Sloew's Bar B Q in Detroit, Gov. Milliken & I kidded Snyder about hiding behind Roe vs. Wade. Is this phony, or is he a true Right-to-Life? You'll get to the bottom of his truthfulness, eventually.

January 26, 2011 at 11:10 AM 

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