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Monday, February 28, 2011

Say Yes to Minnesota, Hey

House Democrats made a big deal out of their New Year agenda being
all about new jobs for Michigan. O.K. it's not an original concept but
when you just got your clock cleaned in the last election, you start
over with the basics and that's about as rudimentary as it gets.
So there must have been some red faces among the 47 House
Democrats when it was reported the other day that they had hired a firm
from Minnesota to scrounge up some campaign contributions for 2012.
There are no Michigan firms that can make phone calls from a
boiler room in the basement of some grungy office building?
Of course there are, but when confronted with this little Say No
to Michigan pratfall, the Democratic spokesperson noted that the
Minnesota firm had "unique attributes" and to make matters worse, she
added, there was "no other firm of its kind in Michigan."
Oh my.
Realizing that this was an embarrassment, she tacked on, "We will
consider Michigan firms as we move forward."
Well if there are no other firms of its kind in Michigan, how can
they consider them as they "move forward?"
It's just another example of how politicians profess one thing
and do another.
The unique aspect of the Minnesota operation was that it
probably was cheaper and like everyone else, Democrats went for that
rather than foster jobs back home as they agenda suggested.
The Minnesota operator who made the mistake of calling someone
who tipped off the media, was very direct. She noted that the GOP
tidal wave had over taken the House Democrats who lost a boat load of
seats and the "Republicans would try to pick off more seats" next time
out. So could you donate $50?
The response, in jest, "Can I gave $20,000?
The woman in the computer boiler room confessed, "I don't have
a screen for that."
Maybe that's what made the Minnesota operation so unique.


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