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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pete Vs. Debbie: Nope

Political correspondents could get their arms around a Pete
Hoekstra vs. Debbie Stabenow contest for the U.S. Senate. There would
be substance to the debate as both have extensive experience in
Washington and it would be a close race.
But alas, it is not to be.
Nobody will confirm this, but you can pretty much bet the farm on
this one: The West Michigan Republican is not going to take on the
Democratic incumbent next year.
Hoekstra is just coming off what one insider describes as a
"grueling" campaign for governor..a campaign that the affable Mr.
Hoekstra should have won but did not.
Plus, Mr. H. has made the earth shattering discovery that there is fact, a good life after Congress. And besides he's run up a
good list of folks who are willing to pay him a tidy sum for bringing
his expertise to their private sector table.
In a nutshell, he doesn't need the grief of another grueling
statewide effort to unseat the hard to beat Stabenow. And he'd have to
go through another primary with other Republicans who want at her as
Mr. Hoekstra, who marches to his own drummer, wants no part of all
this speculation. The only thing he will say is he and his spouse will
make their decision within the next two weeks.
However if you poke your nose around long enough, you can uncover
one source who confides, Mr. Hoekstra is leaning against the race;
there's a good chance he won't run unless new data suddenly emerges in
the next two weeks.
And about the only data that could change his mind is Stabenow
drops out, and no other Republican wants the job.
In other words, he ain't running.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's too bad Pete Hoekstra doesn't want to run against Sen. Stabenow, I think he would beat her. Though I would rather have had him as Governor.
My husband and I always refer to Sen. Stabenow as Sen. me too, since she usually just seems to follow in Sen. Levin's votes. Maybe there will be another Republican, or Libertarian who can beat her.

March 29, 2011 at 11:11 PM 

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