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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sign of the Times

They must be teaching a creative protest sign class somewhere
because the stuff that's been showing up at state capitol these days is
pretty good.
"Curb the Nerd", "Send Gov. Rick Engler to China," etc. etc.
However the only place you can view the art work is outside the
building. If you attempt to bring them into the capitol, you are
supposedly breaking the law.
"No Signs In the Capitol" the sign on the door reads. And
during the rash of rallies recently, all the demonstrators dutifully
dropped their prose at the door.
"The Capitol Rotunda is a public place," advises the Michigan
ACLU legal eagles in a Free Speech opinion that seems to make some
Actually there is no "Law" per se that bans the signs; it's been
a rule for years imposed by the Capitol Committee composed of lawmakers.
Lost in the reporting of this sign ban is the reason behind it.
It's not that anyone wants to abridge your rights to protest inside,
the overriding concern is to avoid damage to the joint.
The folks who oversee the building know that if you bring in a
poster on a stick, somehow that stick will scratch the walls, might
damage the floor, might crack the paint, or what not.
The capitol committee supposedly will revisit the issue. They
do so with vivid images of what happened in Wisconsin. Maybe you heard
about that.
"The capitol is a working museum," they like to say around here
and to avoid costly repairs, you are told to stick you stick at the
The ACLU is standing by to see what the committee does...if
Oh yeah. No meeting has been scheduled, yet which could spawn
thisprotest: Ban the Nerd. Not My Sign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to inform my fellow neighbors that 12 more Firefighters were laid off from the Clinton Twp fire department effective March 23, 2011. The firefighters were not even given any notice, as this happened at the township board meeting on Monday March 21, 2011, during the budget process. At its peak, several years ago, the department had 87 firefighters. As of today there are 55 firefighters, and soon to be 53 firefighters when two more retire in a couple of weeks. In the early 2000’s we voted on mil increase for the fire department to increase its staffing, start an ALS program, purchase a new ladder truck, renovate current fire stations, and build new fire stations. I am sorry to say today the Township has sold the ladder truck at a huge loss, laid off at least 19 firefighters, not filled vacant positions, do to attrition. And now, according to the board meeting may shut down a new fire station, because of lack of staffing. All this after we voted years ago for our fire department to increase staffing, and grow with our community. Also, at this meeting the police department will loose two police officer positions. This draws great concerns of public safety, and the direction our township board is leading us. This was all masked in the budget process, and seeming rushed through. The board votes consisted of; Supervisor Canon-YES, Treasure Sowerby-YES, Trustee Hornung-YES, Trustee West-YES, Clerk Fitzgerald-NO, Trustee Pearl-NO, and Trustee Reynolds-NO. This is a sad day for public safety in Clinton Township. We seem to be moving in the wrong direction. If this frustrates you I encourage you to contact your elected officials.

Clinton Twp. Voter

March 23, 2011 at 5:03 PM 

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