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Friday, March 11, 2011

CPA Wordsmith

It's a pretty good bet they don't teach creative writing in CPA
school. But there's Mr. CPA/Governor proving he learned the skill
The trick in politics is to find a new way to say old stuff just so
the voters don't get bored.
For example former Gov. Granholm and her bud in the White House
have said for years, "We are all in the same boat together." Heard it
once, heard it a thousand times.
Or, every politician running against an incumbent lawmaker uses
the shop-worn phrase: Time for a change or a variation on that theme:
Change you can believe in.
Well, Gov.Rick Snyder is saying exactly the same thing these days
but he has creatively repackaged it.
Maybe you've heard him say, "We need to reinvent Michigan." Like
maybe a million times? That's just a different way of saying "change."
Or how about this twist on being in the boat together: It's We
vs. Me, as he is fond of saying, but it's the same thing.
He wants every citizen to chuck his or her self-interest, the "Me"
thing, and substitute it with the more altruistic notion of "We."
You know when you are a millionaire, it's relatively easy to share
with all the non-millionaires.
But if you are trying to rub two dimes together to make ends meet,
it's a little more challenging to worry about the other guy. Somehow
self-preseveration trumps getting in the boat with everyone else.
Nonetheless, the governor gets some style points for dressing up
some old themes in new duds. As he is finding out, saying it is one
thing; getting the masses to buy it is quite another.
They don't teach that in CPA school either.


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