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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bullets vs. Books

You remember the debate over guns vs. butter. Well here's a new
twist: Guns vs books.
Seems some pistol packing folks entered the Lansing library the
other day and the attendants stood by in shock.
Can they be in here with guns? they promptly asked Rep. Joan
Bauer (D-Lansing.)
To everyone's amazement the answer was yes.
Seems when lawmakers passed the concealed weapons permit law
they banned guns in sports arenas, churches, day care centers and
schools but somehow your neighborhood book shelves were excluded.
Bauer is working on two bills to change that.
Don't bother retorts the chair of the Senate Judiciary
Committee who would likely review the proposal if the House says yes
which is highly unlikely. Sen. Rick Jones is prepared to say no, too.
What would you expect from a former gun-totting sheriff?
"There should be no problem carrying it in a library. You want
to be safe in a library just like you want to be safe walking the
streets," he reasons.
Nodding his head is Sen. Mike Green another pro-NRA Republican.
He not only wants guns in libraries; he wants them everywhere as he
seeks to abolish all gun-free zones.
He reasons with so many police officer layoffs and more to
come, "when there is duress, it is really a long time" to get help "so
why not let good law-abiding citizens protect themselves."
Bauer and the anti-gun crowd fail to see the logic and workers
in those libraries can't figure out why you need a gun to check out a
They would gladly check you out without the heat.


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