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Friday, March 4, 2011

There's The Door

The harsh reality of being the governor of a state vs. being CEO of
a company must be starring Rick Snyder in the face these days.
He never had to worry about his popularity when he ran Gateway
cause nobody took an opinion poll on that. It didn't matter what the
worker-bees felt about the boss.
But now as the governor he's seen his honeymoon popularity of 59%
take a nose dive down to just over 40% as some citizens demonstrate
buyer's remorse. No shocker there; it happens to every governor once
they start making unpopular decisions and he knew it.
The good news for this governor, he's not worried about that, but
senate Republicans are providing him something to worry about. They
don't like major portions of his budget and without their votes, the
Snyder agenda is dead in the water.
Republicans are sifting through the Snyder spending blue print and
are now actively looking at other ways to do it.
Driving this effort is the Snyder tax on pensions. Call it a
non-starter. Not only a majority of voters but over a third of the GOP
senators oppose it.
Randy Richardville is the senate GOP leader and he's exploring
other ways to find the $900 million the pension tax would raise and he
says, "We can do that", but he will not, out of courtesy, declare the
gov's plan DOA.
While the reality check bounces around the executive suite, the
governor remains publicly steadfast that he is doing the right thing by
taxing pensions that aren't taxed now.
But he secretly must long for those CEO days when nobody in the
room dare challenge the boss. It was simply, "Do what I say, or there
is the door."
There will be no door showing in dealing with his GOP "friends" on
this puppy.


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