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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bag Lady Conflict Question

There was that nasty "appearance" problem that often surfaces in the
political game. Circulating the House floor last week was an aide to
Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R-Alto.) The staffer was placing on the 110
legislator's desks a reusable bag from the Meijer's food store and
inside were all sorts of goodies from breath spray to chocolate milk.
Rep. Lyons had passed her first bill and as tradition dictates, she
had to provide a gift to everyone. Normally this warrants only a
passing media glance, but this time it was different.
Her first bill was the repeal of the item-pricing law. Meijers has
been trying for years to get rid of the bothersome consumer protection
thing and with Ms. Lyon's help, the deed was least in the
house. Senate action is pending.
So what about the giving of the Meijer's bag as a gift? A
conflict-appearance problem for her?
To her credit the freshwoman lawmaker had debated that before
becoming the bag lady.
"We considered that when putting together my gift bag," she reveals.
She wanted to show case items made in her district and given the food
chains "contribution to my district" she signed off.
Give her credit for thinking this through. Others would have done
it and not given it a second thought.
She did one other thing. She jokingly placed a price tag on each
bag even though she favored taking all price tags off all products.
She did that on purpose t adding, "That's the last you'll see of


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