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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bikers Want to go "Topless"

   Apparently nerds did not ride motorcycles or at least the Gov. Nerd doesn't.
   With a couple of hundred bikers on the capitol lawn the other day for the 44th consecutive year seeking the repeal of the helmet law, Governor Rick Snyder was asked if he would allow his kids to hop on a hog and ride without a brain bucket?
   "Sue (his wife) won't let me on a motorcycle let alone let the kids on a motorcycle," he told the capitol press corps.
    But don't conclude  that he would veto the helmet repeal law when and if it gets to his desk.  He is still on the fence.
     On one hand the governor admits helmets save lives but on the other he is not sure what impact the repeal would have on non-bikers regarding insurance and health care costs.  Insurers argue the cost will go up.
     Not to worry contends biker Vince Consiglio who runs the ABATE organization.  He points to other states that are helmet-less and the death rate, he contends, has not skyrocketed, but the registration of bikes has with a positive economic pot for those states.
     Vinny has plenty of back-up among those who surround the governor.  The Lt. Gov. is on board, as is the attorney general and the secretary of state is a biker herself.
     The AAA and other insurance types are very nervous.  They are afraid if this measure passes, eliminating the mandatory seat belt law could be next. And it looks like there are enough votes to pass this repeal with no Gov. Granholm to veto it this time.
     What will this governor do?
     He refuses to tip his hand even when one scribe asked, "Can we push you as to which way you are leaning?"  He shot back, "You can push all you want, but I'm still analyzing the question.'
      Varrooom.   Varooom.


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