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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pent-up Demand from Far Right

   Oh my this could get mucho messy.
   The ultra conservative wing of the state GOP has been patiently marking time since January when the Rick Snyder juggernaut rolled into town.
 The new governor told everyone  he was all about getting a new budget and business tax in place and would not be diverted by "other" issues.
    Well the budget is in place as is the business tax and here comes Gary Glenn of the American Families Association of Michigan.  Let's just say Mr. G.G. is not a liberal..not by any stretch.
     And he's got an agenda as long as your arm of 15 issues that he wants the governor and GOP legislature to tackle.
     Try this on for size:
(1)         prohibit state funding of any sex changes for prison inmates.
(2)         prohibit use of classroom dollars to "promote any form of sexual activity outside of marriage.
(3)         Halt any show of nudity during "drama productions" at state universities.
(4)         Cut off support to Planned Parenthood
(5)         Make sure homosexual couples can't adopt children.
       One could go on to list the other 10, but you generally get the idea here, right?  BTW, none of those items where in the Snyder campaign blueprint to reinvent Michigan.
       Obviously there's been a pent up demand to address some of those social wedge issues which the current governor has demonstrated little stomach to stomach.
       Mr. Glenn even launched some radio commercials sticking the Right to Work issue right in the governor's relentless positive action face.
       Recall Mr. Snyder thinks RTW is divisive and would pit business against labor in what could well be a nasty political bloodbath.
       Mr. Glenn and company appear to be saying, bring on the blood.
       Wonder what blood-type the governor is?


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