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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brewer: Miss Congeniality II

      John McCain, surely your remember the maverick, often got a good chuckle on the stump when he noted that he would never win the "Miss Congeniality" title in the U.S. Senate.
      Mr. McCain meet Mark Brewer.
      Brewer, now the longest serving state Democratic Party chair in the country, is the proverbial pain in the you know what for state republicans.
      Ask Dick DeVos the China job-creating loser for governor.
      Ask Cliff Taylor the "sleeping judge."
      Ask Rich Studley who runs the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.
      Last week Brewer called in the capitol scribes and boldly announced that he would survey his party to see what issues should be placed on the November 2010 ballot.
      He listed a hike in the minimum wage, more jobless benefits, better health care, and a one-year hold on home foreclosures among others.
      Well Studley came unglued and beat up Brewer for being so "anti-business."
       Brewer claims he's not anti-business, he's just pro-people and anti-anybody with an elephant for a mascot.
      However Brewer got a bad case of lockjaw the other day when the shoe was on the other foot.
      Democratic Speaker Andy Dillon has stirred up a real hornets nest with his universal public employee health insurance scheme that has divided organized labor, which Brewer seeks to please.
      Despite coming at him every which way, Brewer refused to take sides in the Dillon vs. labor battle.
      "I haven't seen his plan," was Brewer's lame excuse.  Come on Marky.  He didn't need to see the plan to comment on the politics of the intra-party feud which is getting worse by the moment.  
       Republicans must have had a chuckle to see Brewer on the hot seat as he was on the defensive for a change and did not looking very credible being there.


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