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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Private Letter Intercepted

    There's an old adage suggesting if you don't want folks to know what you are doing, don't put it in writing.
    Rep. Rick Jones could care less.
    Jones is on a crusade to stop the leasing of a new state police headquarters in downtown Lansing because, as he outlined in a private letter to his GOP colleagues, "Corruption is exactly what the inside stinky deal is all about."
    Jones has no proof, however, that the Granholm administration did anything unethical or illegal by awarding the MSP headquarters' project to noted democrat Joel Ferguson and republican Gary Granger.
    But that does not stop the Eaton County Republican from blasting the deal and urging his colleagues to vote no on the lease if and when the house democrats bring it up for a vote.
   "You may be held accountable later for making a "bridge to nowhere" type vote," he warns his fellow members.
    In the three-page letter laced with some profanity, Jones claims it is "bullsh—" that the lease cannot be broken even though he concedes the Huntington Bank has "leaned" on some lawmakers saying that is the case.
   He also alludes to a lobbyist who "came to my office and made threats about having his client stop donations and blaming me."  To which the feisty Jones retorts, "I'm NOT for sale.  No one gets away with threatening me."
    Jones was also not happy with the House GOP leaders who said they did not have the time to allow two GOP senators into a closed-door meeting to discuss the project.
    Barring an 11th hour flip here, it looks like the lawmaker's crusade will continue to produce stories but the headquarters will open early this fall.


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