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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Timing

  Poor Danny boy.
  He really wanted to run for the democratic nomination to be governor, but being from Genesee County and all, he had a buddy from that same neck of the woods who also wanted the job.
   Being a good guy and a wise politician, Dan Kildee chucked is bid for governor out of deference to the front runner John Cherry.
   Kildee proceeded to put his life together by resigning at the end of the year  as county treasurer and he took a job of a life time as President of a think tank funded by some prestigious foundations out of D.C.
   Then Cherry unexpectedly dropped out of the race leaving Kildee with a huge problem:  How do you get out of a new job when you really want the job as governor?
   Kildee is trying to figure that out right now as he goes to his board of directors hoping to find some way to explore a bid for governor while not tossing in the towel  on the foundation post.
    Even he concedes it poses a professional problem which has not yet been ironed out.
    On the family front, things have gone a little smoother.  With one kid in college and one in high school, he does not have toddlers at home to demand more of his time.  His wife is more concerned with the impact all this will have on her hubby which is why God gave us loving spouses.
   And then, of course, the biggest question of all, "Do the stars align to win?"
   Kildee doesn't know if this will work but he says, "I want to run.  I have the fire in the belly to do it.  But will I run?"
   He's next up on the public Tv series, Off the Record at  Tune in to see if he will.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why doesn't any coverage mention the issue of reproductive healthcare choice vs criminalization of all abortion---this issue divides voters more than most others, and yet we find it distasteful to talk about. In many counties, the Democrats who run and fund the headquarters and the compaigns are committed to women's rights----they will not work for candidates for Governor who want to jump on RTL's band wagon. Not only does mainstream coverage not address the issue, the anti-women's-choice side gets a hall pass from any hard questions, merely by saying "I'm Prolife". We are all pro-life--and I do not know anyone who is pro-abortion---most of us realize that we cannot lock up women and the men who support them when they make reproductive choices with their physicians that not everyone agrees with. Most people do not understand the issue and the media is NOT helping. RTL is about controlling women and winning elections for right wing candidates. Please-- some intelligent coverage on this. There is too much at stake.

January 21, 2010 at 6:57 AM 
Blogger steve said...

I don't know Dan Kildee, however I do know Dale. Congressman Dale Kildee is one of the finest human beings you will ever want to meet. I do not always agree with his political idealogy, but I will take a good human being any day over a good polotician.

Dale, thank you.

January 24, 2010 at 6:20 AM 

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