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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sleepy the Judge

    So what did you do over the holidays?  Most normal folks would recount the parties, gifts, arguments with family members, etc. etc.
    Not Mark Brewer.  What he did is certainly not normal..not by any means. Read on boys and girls.
    He watched forty hours, count'em, forty hours of Michigan Government Television coverage of the Michigan Supreme Court.
    You're think'in Brewer needs to be in a home somewhere quick.
    Actually it was all part of his "opposition" research he's conducting on one of the guys who sits on the state's high court.
    GOP Justice Robert Young Jr. is up for reelection and assuming he runs, Brewer wants to take Young down just as he did to his last victim former Chief Justice Cliff Taylor.
     You might not remember Taylor, but your surely remember the "sleeping Judge"  TV commercial that sent Taylor to an early political grave.
     Well based on the forty hours of light viewing, Brewer has culled out some pictures of Young, on the bench, with his eyes closed.
     You know where Brewer is going with this, right?
      On top of the eyes closed video, Brewer has excerpts from Young's comments during oral arguments and he will use them to paint a picture of Young as "someone who treats people badly."
      Brewer will go for the jugular accusing Young of being "very volatile and very demeaning to the people who appear in front of him."
      And then he asks rhetorically on statewide Public TV's Off the Record, "Is that the kind of Justice you want on the Michigan Supreme Court?"
      Young was quick to respond that the eyes closed thing is a stretch as he is one of the most active participants when the court is in session.
      Brewer was given high marks for pulling off the Taylor upset and he wants to make it two for two by taking out the "Sleepy" Judge Bob Young, as Brewer calls him.
    (See Brewer's performance at


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