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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Long Live King Izzo

In reality it was a nice diversion. Instead of worrying about
legislative foot dragging on the budget; instead of pondering the
legacy of the soon to be ex-governor, for nine days the state focused
on a story that was not life or death but at times it seemed it was.
Long live King Izzo.
It says so much about us as a state to have been captivated by this
"would he or would he not leave us" saga.
Ironically the word from the sports mountain top came within
minutes of a Presidential address on nationwide TV. One almost expected
that Mr. Obama might begin his message on the Gulf Oil spill with a
"This bulletin just in: Tom Izzo is not going to the NBA."
Nobody around these part would have given it a second thought.
Given a choice between basketballs and oil balls on a beach somewhere,
we know where the bulk of Michiganians stood. Minus, of course, those
in Ann Arbor who could give a hoot.
Sports always trumps reality in our state.
Look at the most read stories in the major newspapers. If its not
the Lions latest draft pick or the Tigers latest winning streak, its
who the Wings will pick up in the off-season. All that stuff about
budget struggles in Lansing? Collectively, we could care less.
A psychologist would have a field day if he or she could put the
entire state on the couch.
So, tell me about your fixation on sports. Did it start with your
mother not allowing you to play baseball?
Regardless of how we got to where we are, we are here and the Izzo
story was merely exhibit 1,235 in a long list of other events that drew
us together.
The only question is, when the Izzo fix wears off, what's next?


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