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Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing Sgt. Schultz

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This defies political logic. They teach you when you opponent is
trouble, stomp on him or her.
You have a GOP candidate for Attorney General under attack by the
chair of the state Democratic Party over his position on slant drilling
in the Great Lakes. And the GOP candidate's opponent wants nothing to
do with the story.
Say what?
"I can honestly say I have not read a single thing about it. I
have no interest…This is opportunistic electioneering," observes Mike
Bishop who is in a battle with Bill Schuette for the GOP A.G. nod.
Democratic chair Mark Brewer is doing what he does best. He
a nerve and like a dentist who refuses to use a pain-killer, he is
drilling Schuette over his original vote to allow slant drilling in
Michigan waters.
Never mind that Schuette says he later changed his mind and now
supports a total ban on oil and gas exploration. Brewer won't let go
and Bishop, from the sidelines, is saying he wants no part of the story.
Would you not think that Bishop, who is considered to be in third
in a two-man race, would be start piling on?
Not the Oakland County Republican who confesses, "I don't know
what his response is. He'll have to deal with it on his own."
Maybe it's a crafty strategy to stay out of it and let Brewer do
all the heavy lifting. Then Bishop can take the high road, which
voters like, yet he knows that if the attacks continue, Schuette could
be wounded. And by the time he shows up at the state party convention
this summer where the Attorney General nomination will be decided,
Bishop can waltz in and then reap the benefits.
It's the best of both worlds for Mr. B. He can play Sgt.
i.e. "I know nothing" yet reap the benefits of the fisticuffs between
his opponent and Brewer.


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