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Monday, September 20, 2010

Nothing Is Ever Easy Up Here

This current bunch of legislators could screw up a one car funeral.
Weeks ago when the governor announced her plans to eradicate the state’s whopping budget deficit, the air was filled with optimism as everyone was committed to getting this done long before the debate bumped up against the October first state government shutdown deadline.
Well guess what?
We is (sic) bumping big time with eleven days to go.
Now it is still highly unlikely these folks are dumb enough to preside over another shutdown in the midst a reelection campaign which is a prescription for the electorate to throw the bums out.
Yet, based on the partisan bickering over essential elements of the governor’s blueprint, you could make a case for them doing just that.
She wants to get senior members of the state government workforce off the payroll and onto the retirement rolls. It’s a $60 million savings.
Problem is for those workers left behind, to coin a phrase, they would get stuck with a new 3% fee for health care to be phased in over five years.
State government employee unions have balked and have told lawmakers not to do it, or else.
Now some Republicans, who should be all over this thing like flies on a horse, are complaining the five year phase in is not fast enough.
Add to the mix some house Democrats who want to talk about alternative ways of raising the $60 million Each proposal they suggest could not be enacted in time to avert the shutdown, yet they chatter on and on about a graduated income tax, Medicaid fraud reform and that old stand-by prison reform.
To their credit most of the budget bills are being adopted, but that is really the easy part. The heavy lifting is finding the money to pay for it.
They like to say this is a work in progress.
A better description would be a train wreck in progress.


Blogger marv rein said...

I Think,TROY,Michigan can do That,,TROY now,building the super transit center TEN TIMes the size,projected,and the City of TROY has no money for a library.Troy,michigan is one of the SUPER-RICH citys' in Money,and proves every day,,TROY needs no hand outs,and the people of TROY will once again approve another TAX hike,,to prove the point.

September 20, 2010 at 6:59 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TS. . .he is full of himself......heard him speak at the Marquette, MI economic club last night and aside from using good Yoopers as props for his political sound bytes, he spent the rest of his time bashing Snyder.

Have never heard him speak to an audience, but was disappointed that our econ club spent one cent to bring this joker up to God's Country.

He should be marched off to Never-Never Land with Betty Weaver!

September 21, 2010 at 10:09 AM 

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