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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hail to the Ex-Chief

Anybody got a white horse?
Bill Clinton could use it.
Michigan Democrats are hoping the former ex-president can ride into
Dodge a.k.a. Detroit and gin up the Democratic base to get off their
duffs and vote on November 2nd. The future of Virg Benero hangs on the
11th hour visit.
The decision to bring in Mr. C. raises speculation about why the
real president is not showing up.
The sitting president has 47% support in Michigan. Next question.
Mr. Clinton remains immensely loved in Motown which he, of course,
carried when he ran for the White House. The question is can he
transfer that popularity to the Democrat who would be governor but
finds himself on the wrong side of a 20% deficit against the GOP front
runner Rick Snyder?
Since the China out-sourcing ads have bombed, it's worth a shot to
see if B.C. can re-energize the base. It's one thing to get them to a
rally but quite another to get them to the polls and there are fears
that the Motown faithful may not be so faithful on election day.
The latest Rasmussen poll contains very little good news for Mr.
Bernero who is trending in the wrong direction.
Last summer the FOX2 survey had the Lansing Mayor down by a
somewhat respectable 12 points and that stayed steady until now. 20
points is not impossible to overcome but if Bernero does it, it will be
the comeback of the century.
So what can Mr. Clinton say or do to help?
First of all he won't mention NAFTA which he authored. Mr. Bernero
opposes the foreign trade agreement with Mexico. But it's a sure bet
the ex-prez will stroke the Mayor for leading the charge to defend the
U.S. auto industry when two of the former giants, GM and Chrysler, were
on the ropes.
But even that is a little iffy in that 55% of Michigan residents
didn't support the bail out. Mr. Clinton is unlikely to acknowledge
that sticky point.
Bottom line is the trip is like mom's chicken this point
in the game it can't hurt.
(Note: The most recent poll suggests the lead for Mr. Snyder is
down to 14 points.)


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