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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bailing Out on the Bail Out

Michigan is the auto state. We live, breath and die by what
happens in the auto industry…just look at our jobless rate. So you
would assume anybody in his or her right mind would do everything
possible to keep the car guys afloat.
Tell that to Tim Walberg.
He's the ultra conservative Republican hoping to win back a
mid-Michigan congressional seat that he once held. And he's locked in
a battle to the death with the Democrat who holds that seat, Mark
They engaged in TV debate the other night and the first question
out of the shoot was, "How would you have voted on federal aid for GM
and Chrysler?
No brainer, right?
Mr. Walberg began his answer by repeating the question which is
code for, what the heck am I going to say?
Turns out its not the first time he's confronted the issue
according to his opponent who claims Walberg once said he would
reluctantly have voted yes.
Walberg's answer this time was really no answer.
He danced around it by observing that he would have created an
economic climate so that the two car companies would have been in great
shape. What he failed to point out is that while he was waiting for
that recovery to materialize, the autos would have gone into the tank.
Nice little answer but not on the point: How would you have
He never said yes or no despite being asked four times.
Schauer looked into the camera and said he would answer the
question, "Yes.'
So what gives with Mr. Walberg?
Well turns out he is not in trouble because most voters in this
state opposed the bail out.
Come again?
Clean out your ears. 55% of Michigan voters did not want to use
federal money to save the two companies.
Besides the GOP candidate rides a hog, so what does he care
about cars.


Blogger marv rein said...

Bail outs r 4 the poor cities,,TROY,Michigan will tax itself to GREATness,,n0 need 4 any bail out money.

October 17, 2010 at 4:52 PM 

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