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Thursday, October 7, 2010

THE Game-Gov Punts

During her eight years in office, the governor has done her share
of flip-flopping. First she was for displaying the Ten Commandments in
the state capitol before she was against. Ditto on dove hunting.
But when it comes to the most important day in the state, the
governor has steadfastly held firm; in eight years she has never made
a prediction on on the MSU-U of M football game, referred to in these
parts as simply, "The Game.'
Give her credit for staying on the fence even when snotty reporters
try to push her one way or the other.
Decked out in a green sweater and a blue blazer, by accident she
reveals, someone asked for her prediction.
She was caught slightly off-guard, much like the Michigan defense,
but quickly regained her composure and offered the most politically
correct answer she could fashion: "The bottom line is a Michigan team
is going to win and that's good."
Having been there before, the reporter sought clarification: A
Michigan State team?
Take that!
Yet, she holds firm, like the MSU front four, and offers, with a
chuckle, "A team that's in the State of Michigan," and now she is in
full laughter mold as she wiggled out of that one like that quarterback
at the U of M..what is his name?
Ah but then this confession. "My tuition money goes to Ann Arbor"
as she has two of her kids attending school there. That's as close as
she would come to blessing the Maze and Blue while quickly noting she
likes the Green and White, too.
Hey, what would you expect from a Harvard grad where they don't
play football; they just design them.


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