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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Virg Punts on Graduated Tax

Democrats have been hitting the GOP candidate for governor for
giving over generalized answers to issues on the campaign trail. Seems
like his standard answer for everything is, "I'll lay out a spread
Some of those D's may be shocked to learn they have a similar
problem right in their own backyard i.e. a candidate for governor who
won't take a position a time-honored Democratic proposal.
Virg Bernero told a Michigan Public radio audience this week that
he would "study" the graduated income tax.
Say what?
Study it?
Hey man, the graduated income tax scheme has been on the Democrat's
radar screen for over forty years and the Mayor of Lansing needs to
study whether the rich should pay more than the middle class?
Sure enough. That's his story and he's not budging.
He was asked why he could not take a position now.
Bernero asserted, "It's very important that we have a tax state that
is fair and inviting to business."
Yeah, but why can't you take a position on the tax?
"If it helps to attract jobs, I'm for it," he went on.
But he doesn't know if that will happen.
He says he needs to "bench mark" the tax against what other states
are doing to see if he will make Michigan competitive.
Maybe the real reason is, this guy doesn't want to embrace anything
that even remotely looks like a tax hike. To do otherwise could cost
him the election.
Bernero asserts, "I oppose increasing taxes."
The reporter wanted to know if that statement included the
graduated income tax.
Finally he admitted, "I'm not taking a position on the graduated
income tax, you're right; you're finally catching on," he sarcastically
shot back.
But he added, "if it helps our overall business climate, I would
consider it."
Note that to "consider" something is a long way from embracing it.
Hence for the remainder of this campaign, even though organized labor
and true-blue Democrats have been crusading for years for the graduated
income tax, don't look for His Honor to join them anytime soon.


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