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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dan Says....

Dan the Man knows a thing or two about leadership. After all he penned a huge book on the subject. So in the wake of that game changing town hall meeting recently with the two would-be governors, it seemed only natural to ask Dan Mulhern what he thought.
In vintage First Gentleman form, he blurted out, “Yeah, it was a very cool event.”
Did Virg Bernero and Rick Snyder demonstrate any leadership which has been sorely lacking in the school yard fight over debates?
Mr. M. says Bernero was “pro-active” and “certainly that’s a major thing you need in a governor.”
Other’s were not so generous as they felt Mr. B. crashed Mr. Snyder’s town hall gig.
Mr. Mulhern gave good marks to the Nerd for sharing the stage with his opponent and Mulhern especially like the civility of it all. “He did it with grace,” the leadership author suggested.
But one giddy joint appearance does not a debate make and these two have yet to figure out if there will be debates on the tube.
In fact they disagree on what they agreed to. The Snyder camp’s response has been a work in progress. First they said their guy only agreed to read Benero’s letter calling for more debates. Then they said, Snyder did agree to have coffee but he did not agree to reopen the debate chat which ended when the Snyder camp ended it over a week ago.
Bernero felt he had a hand shake to not only sit down to talk but work on the debate. Nope. Hopefully they can agree on who picks up the coffee tab.
If Snyder does not debate, what about that Mr. Mulhern?
It would show a lack of leadership he concludes and if he was advising the A2 biz guy, he’d say, “Take it on. You can’t be afraid. Get in there and mix it up.”
Snyder cracker jack advisors…are ya listening?


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