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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Shot Only

It only took Gov. Jennifer Granholm one debate to slice an dice her
GOP opponent in 2006. Now that Democrat Virg Benero is getting only
one debate shot at his opponent, his supporters are wondering can he
get the job done, too?
After a nasty round of back and forth over doing or not doing
debates, Mr. Bernero and Mr. Snyder finally sat down in a Lansing hotel
room on Wednesday and did something they could have done weeks ago:
They agreed to one debate?
"Why just one?" Bernero wondered out loud moments after the ink was
dry on the deal.
Then he answered his own question with, "My opponent is afraid" to
participate in more than one debate.
"That's not the reason," retorts Mr. Snyder. He says it was all
about timing in that he wanted to squeeze debates in, before the
absentee balloting was over.
The two will agree to disagree on why there is only one, but what
Mr. Snyder has now successfully done is get the media monkey off his
back. It was doing its own slicing and dicing because he unilaterally
shutdown the debate talks.
A disgruntled Mr. Bernero is left to hope that the public will
still take points off Mr. Snyder for not doing three debates. That is
a stretch in that the public hardly gave a hoot that there weren't
going to be any.
So Mr. B., who has begun to narrow the gap from twenty points down
to thirteen, will get a shot at his opponent, but only one. Can he
pull-off a Granholm?
We'll all know on October 11th.


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