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Thursday, September 30, 2010

D's Abandon Gov on Bobb

Gov. Jennifer Granholm got high marks from many when she embraced a
gutsy move to install an Emergency Financial Manager in the
financially-challenged Detroit Public School system.
But she is receiving extraordinary low marks from two Democrats
running for the State Board of Education.
At a public forum at the Macomb Intermediate School District the
other night the pair of Democrats gave that manager, Dr. Robert Bobb,
an "F."
Asked if the governor, also a democrat, was wrong to endorse the
Bobb appointment, Democrat Lupe Ramos-Montigny responded, "in my mind,
Close behind was the other Democrat Elizabeth Bauer who is an
incumbent on the State Board of Education. She described some of Dr.
Bobb's moves as "unforgivable."
As for the grades, Bauer did give him a "B" for the decisions to
turns the district's finances around but and "F" on the academic side.
She took strong exception to ranking special education teachers out of
their classrooms and moving them into regular classrooms when Bobb
discovered he had a shortage of instructors.
Ms. Ramos-Montigny believes that "superintendents and school boards
should be in charge," which is a sentiment shared by many Detroiters
who are unhappy that Bobb was brought in. She gave him a grade of
"D-minus to an F."
In strong contrast, the two GOP candidates for the board gave Bobb
much higher marks.
"A-plus,' answered Dr. Richard Zeile who lives in Detroit. "We
thank God in Detroit for Robert Bobb. We are praying for his success."
Former SBE member Eileen Weiser is running again and awards Bobb
with an "A-minus to a B" for his work at DPS. "The state must do
this," in troubled school districts she told the 100 citizens who
attended the exchange.

Blogger Correction: Thanks to the House GOP Leader Kevin
Elsenheimer for pointing out a mistake in yesterday's blog on the
budget. Rep. Craig DeRoche (R-Oakland County) was not the Speaker of
the House during the shutdown years ago. He was the minority leader
but as such he did try to blow up the budget deal some other
Republicans and Democrats were trying to iron out to avoid the
shutdown. He was part of the problem and not the solution.


Blogger marv rein said...

pLEASE,DO NOT BLAME "Bobb' FOR terrible Michigan Public schools,,Public schools in michigan are corrupt,and almost non-learning,,an Example of try-ing to teach mind control over knownledge,
as Michihan was sleeping,,when,both foreign and the southern attack on the automotive industrial, was happening and no reponse from Michigan state goverment.
the only industrail Michigan will get,,will be of the pollution,in nature,battery production,due to Michigan loves pollition and no plans to clean it UP.

September 30, 2010 at 6:43 AM 

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