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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Caught in the Act

Poor, poor Mark Brewer. The state Democratic Party Chair was so
hoping that he could go two for two on the "sleeping judge" gambit. He
nailed former GOP Chief Justice Cliff Taylor with the video that he was
allegedly dozing on the bench and was poised for an encore with GOP
Justice Robert Young, Jr. who is running this time.
But alas some crafty P.R. types have nailed Brewer instead.
The Dems had some video of Justice Young with his eyes closed
which allowed the viewer to "conclude" he indeed was Judge Sleepy. But
GOP consultant Tom Shields and his crew had an idea: If we can find
the original video maybe we can prove His Honor was not asleep.
But where to begin?
Shields says the best clue came from Brewer himself who months
ago had mentioned a particular case that the court was considering.
Sure enough, they went to that video and found two of the shots that
Brewer had lifted out.
Problem was, for Brewer, when you looked at the whole video, it
was clear the snap shot was misleading because the justice was wide
awake and engaged in cross-examing a lawyer appearing before the high
It was a classic and successful case of detective work that has
discredited the Brewer attempt to, shall we say, mislead the voters
this time out.
Cliff Taylor must be sitting at home wishing maybe he had done
the same thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skubic, are you kidding me with the Taylor dig? Even two years on, apparently you don't realize that Brewer employed a PAID ACTOR to portray Taylor as asleep on the bench. That means that no one could have discredited the claim with actual video because there was no actual video.

Good job to Bob Young's group for exposing Brewer's lies here. Since he used actual video footage here, we can all clearly see that Brewer manipulated the video by selecting still frames from an otherwise animated and awake Justice Young.

Shame on Mark Brewer, and shame on any media who continues to believe the lies he peddles.

October 15, 2010 at 1:49 PM 

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