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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Independents Call the Shots

With all due respect to all you Republicans and Democrats out
there, you all are not nearly as much fun to bird dog compared to
Independent voters.
Here's why: Independents usually determine the outcome of an
election; they tend to be a tad more sophisticated about why they
support this candidate or that or put another way, they won't support
someone just because he or she has an R or D after their name. In
fact, that might even be a deterrent. Independents are mercurial and
issue-orientated and therefore hard to predict.
In the last race for governor it was the I's and a host of
stay-at-home Democrats who handed the election to Rick Snyder. Now
some of them are experiencing a mild case of buyer's remorse.
The latest polling data from Public Policy Polling out of North
Carolina suggests that 44% disapprove of the governor while 32% are
still in his corner. 25% of the Independents are not so sure any more.
But here is the mercurial side of these folks: 49% would still
vote for Snyder with 42% going for what's his name on the Democratic
Asked about recalling the new governor, 68% of the Democrats are
ready, while only 5% of the R's agree. No shocker there. Again the
independents show why they are independnet: 55% oppose recall while 30%
favor it.
Recalling new governors is nothing new. Usually there is a lot
of bluster but at the end of the day, it's mostly that and nothing more.
The media often gets fixated on this stuff and sometimes adds
credibility to a movement that is about a quarter inch deep and half a
mile long.
Such was the case when "they" tried to recall Gov. John Engler.
They boasted hundreds of thousands of names. Turns out it was just
that, a boast as most of the names were phony…just like the movement.
"Watch us on July first," advised one of the anti-Snyder
protestors at a recent capitol steps rally. That's the first day they
can officially begin to collect signatures.
With 55% of the independents opposed to the recall, let's just
say the chances are not that hot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this Independent wants to send Wall Street Obama, Herr Snyder and their pals packing.

Snyder can't tell the difference between his board room and the Gov.s office. He created the deficit with his business tax cuts, and like a good tea bagger, he is quite eager to pay for them on the backs of our kids in K-12, seniors, and poor people. If you wonder why he didn't cut the community colleges - it's easy. He's going to launder even more taxpayer money through them to provide his business pals free training.

Join the recall..

Which state's legislators earn the most?

The survey found that California lawmakers earn $95,291 a year. That’s $15,000 more than lawmakers in Michigan, the next highest-paying state. And it comes despite a budget shortfall that in the 2010 fiscal year amounted to 65 percent of California’s overall budget, according to an estimate that was included in the survey.

Snyder releases staff salaries

Michael Finney was appointed as CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. at a salary of $250,000. The state's new director of the Department of Technology Management and Budget, John Nixon, will be paid $250,000 a year

They also refused to cap emergency managers at 150K - which is what the gov is salaried at. Yep, all the money he needs for him and his CEO pals.

Join the recall - help circulate petitions

I'm sick of them suckling off the teat of the taxpayers and then calling everyone but themselves "welfare queens". Corporate welfare is the biggest drain on MI's budget."

Time to throw all the bums out.

March 27, 2011 at 6:47 AM 
Anonymous jim said...

Tim, today you are right. With 55% of the independents not willing to recall, there is no way a recall will be successful. BUT, what happens between now and July 1 might sway alot of the 55% 'ers to join a recall movement. We'll have to stay tuned to see how the pendelum might swing.

March 27, 2011 at 9:52 AM 

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