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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That Darn Internet

Gov. Rick Snyder finds himself exactly where three of his
predecessors found themselves: subject of a recall effort. Suffice it
to say, however, that Governors Granholm, Blanchard and Engler were not
shivering in their boots over the prospects of being bounced from
You see the recall bar for governors is very up there
around Venus and Mars.
Recallers need 800,000 petition signatures to place the thing on
the ballot and to withstand a legal challenge from the governor's
legal eagles, they need another 200,000 names as a pad. That means
thousands of names must be gathered everyday for 180 days to even have
a shot at this thing.
So Mr. Snyder is not worried..except.
Except for that darn Internet.
It was not in full bloom when governors G, B, and E were in town
but it is now and recall organizers could use it to make a little
The fortunate thing for the Snyder crowd is the fact that
signatures can not be collected over the Internet. Good thing because
otherwise he would not have to worry about the daily commute from A2 to
the state capitol.
Recallers can use the Internet to rally the troops; to post
locations where petitions can be collected person to person and one
could develop a hefty email list that might increase the chances for
But still the task is daunting given that the movement has a web
location but no money.
Hence the governor is not losing sleep over this one, but his guys
will still keep an eye on all this..just in case. After all ousting
him from office was not one of the Snyder "reinvent Michigan"


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