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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Offending the Governor

For eight years, legislative Republicans took one shot after another aimed at the Democratic governor. Sometimes it was easy pickin's but now those same GOP folks have a more delicate tight rope to traverse.

One of their own is running the show and the R's have to be careful about what they say about Gov. Rick Snyder. The most embarrassing incident so far was his endorsement of the second span between Detroit and Windsor. Republicans sat on their hands while Democrats gave the gov a standing-o during his State of the State.
Sen. Republicans have been more vocal about opposing the Snyder pension tax and they will even go behind closed doors again to draft some budget alternatives, but there is no civil war.
The governor has played his part well. He acknowledges that the legislature has a right to pursue its own agenda, even though it may be counter to his own.
What else can he say?
He can't blast them just as he hopes they won't blast him.
So far, the governor has chalked up two major victories with the help of his party with no help from the D's.
The item-pricing repeal is a done deal. And sending in some one to save cities and schools from drowning in red ink, was adopted in record time…which is pretty good for this new bunch of lawmakers. The aforementioned bridge is another story. Republicans are sitting on their support while saying they want to work with the governor on this.
What else could they say?
But increasingly Mr. Snyder is going to need some Democrats to cough up some bridge votes and in private he has asked how many he can get.
He can get enough, but it will cost him. D's know they have him over the barrel, so the price tag will be high. The governor must give them something they want and if and when he does, it will be tough for the Republicans to keep their mouths shut.
The temptation to say something naughty about their governor will be real.


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April 3, 2011 at 7:28 AM 

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