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Monday, March 28, 2011

Shutter Cop Shops

The new governor came into town promising to change the culture.
He's taken one step toward doing that by moth-balling a host of state
police posts.
In the old legislative culture there was a direct correlation
between where a state police post was located and the guys who sat on
the house and senate appropriations committees. You could pretty much
figure, if one of those lawmakers wanted a post, magically one would
show up in their neck of the woods.
Over two dozen posts are being shuttered and none of the old time
lawmakers are around to belly-ache about it. So much for that
When the story broke, there were all sorts of fears that with each
closing, troopers would be laid off, too. Not so. In fact the
trooper's union figures the move will see more officers on patrol
instead of being a desk-jockey at some far and away building stuck in
the northern woods somewhere.
The troopers new "offices" will be on wheels… their scout cars
complete with computer, communications and a cup holder for their
coffee and donuts. The only thing missing will be the head.
Technology is a wonderful thing. The only problem is what happens
to the poor schlub who wants to walk into the nearest state police post
for help?
Now they will have to go hunting for a blue car instead.


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