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Monday, April 4, 2011

DeVos for U.S. Senate?

Maybe Betsy can do what Dick could not. Maybe Betsy DeVos can win
a statewide race next year.
Word has it that some GOP-types have approached the spouse of the
former GOP candidate for governor, to inquire as to her interest in
taking on U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow next year.
Mrs. DeVos has never run for anything except state GOP chair and
she held that post until she had a very nasty and very public falling
out with John Engler. The issue was school vouchers: The DeVos family
was for it; Mr. Engler said it was a loser of an issue and the voters
eventually agreed with him.
A source described her as "intrigued" by the notion, but being
intrigued is one thing, deciding to launch an expensive and
time-consuming campaign is quite another. Plus, if DeVos got it, it's
likely she would have to spend even more to win in what could be a
crowded GOP primary next year. Although she might scare some folks out
of the race if she and her hubby opened their check book early on to
signal their intentions to spend whatever it takes to win.
Given the fact that the DeVos retirement account took a $35
million hit during the ill-fated Dick DeVos race for governor in 2006,
they might decide that once was enough.
Nonetheless there could be a Betsy for U.S. Senate Facebook page
showing up on the Internet soon just to test the waters. If only
Dick's name and that of long time aide Greg McNeily appear, so much for
The thing about the divine Mrs. D is that you either love her or
you don't and it's been a while since that head count was taken. Let
the counting begin.


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Greg McNeilly doesnt win elections

April 4, 2011 at 9:13 PM 
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