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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gallery of Govs Expands

As is the tradition, governors who are no longer governors get their
portrait hung in the state capitol rotunda and Jennifer Granholm is the
latest edition to the gallery.
Some governors have included symbolic items that reflect their
accomplishments. Former Gov. Jim Blanchard, for example, had a tiny
Chrysler car in the picture to underscore his role in saving the number
three automaker.
Wags in this town have had fun wondering what the state's first
female CEO might add to her legacy.
On a serious note what about an Electro-lux vacuum cleaner? When the
Greenville manufacturer stiffed the governor and moved all those jobs
to Mexico, Ms. Granholm's economic fate was sealed for the rest of her
tenure. She never presided over an economic turnaround.
Likewise she could have a miniature Chevy and Dodge in the portrait
as she became the first governor to preside over the bankruptcy of two
of the formerly know Big Three.
On a lighter note: A dart board with the pictures of Andy Dillon
and Mike Bishop in the bulls eye. Her "relationship" with the former
Democratic Speaker and former GOP leader consumed hours of rancor
between the trio.
Or how 'bout a U-Haul truck to symbolize the mass exodus from the
state under her watch.
There does seem to be a consensus that a windmill will be on the
canvas which reflects her strong commitment to alternative energy. And
while on that subject, why not a small table fan to go along with her
"blown away in five years" line that will haunt her forever?
And finally, would it not be a hoot if the former governor chucked
her high heel shoes in the portrait for a pair of flip-flops as she did
have a slight propensity to change her position on issues over the
The portrait for posterity was done with private donations. Read:
none of your tax dollars were used.


Blogger marv rein said...

??? what ever happen..mike cox??

May 4, 2011 at 8:18 PM 

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