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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Man of Steele

    Based on his strong showing last November against the longest serving member in the Congress, a relatively unknown Republican is eyeing an even steeper climb i.e. trying to unseat a sitting U.S. Senator.
     Mind you Dr. Rob Steele has not decided to take on yet another Democratic giant, but he's doing all the things you would do just in case.
     Steele gave John Dingell a scare last year as Steele forced the veteran Democrat to actually spend money to save his seat from the unsuspected challenge in the downriver district.
     The only thing that stands in the way of Steele seeking the GOP nod, is his medical practice and finding a way to "stop working" without damaging his partners who must carry on in his absence, if he runs.
     He and they are about half way into the talks and if it can be resolved, he leaves little doubt he will run.  "That's a fair statement," he confesses but extricating himself from the practice is not an easy task.
     But it will still be easier, in comparison, than unseating the incumbent and hard working Stabenow.
     The state GOP has been fumbling around trying to find someone to take her on. Most of those on the "A" list have found something else to do.
     Steele is confident he can get the job done otherwise why go through the drill?
     Steele is interviewing staffers and has traveled over 700 miles on his one day off to press the flesh and grow some grassroots across this huge state.
     It's an undaunting task.  Stabenow may be vulnerable, the polls suggest, but a lot of the popular wisdom is based on the fact that Democrats did poorly last year. 
     That's why Steele gave Dingell fits, but beating an incumbent is tough and here is Steele thinking about trying it again.
     He's clearly got the bug and one GOP insider thinks he is 80% ready to run.  Steele won't go that far, but will have a decision by September.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skubick - Have you ever stopped to think that maybe it's time you take off the cheerleaders outfit you wear for the Teapublican Party and do some honest to god balanced journalism?

June 23, 2011 at 6:03 PM 

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