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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First You Say You Won't and Then You Do

  What a difference four months makes.
   Last March Pete Hoekstra decided he would not run for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination.
   Now he has decided he will.
   Que Pasa?
   During the ensuing four months, the state Republican Party looked clumsy at best and inept at worst at fielding some legitimate candidate to take on Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow.
   All the would-be first tier candidates took a powder.  Even though the polling suggested Ms. S. was vulnerable, no big name gun-slinger stood up.
   Fast forward to the funeral last week in Grand Rapids for former First Lady Betty Ford.  The West Michigan former Congressman and former GOP candidate for governor was there and one prominent Republican after another came up to Mr. Hoekstra and urged him to end the party angst by getting in.
   There was a two hour family meeting.  The Hoekstra children voted no.  Having been through the grind of a statewide primary race for governor, they had had enough. Mrs. Hoekstra, who thought the decision made last March was in cement, was non-supportive but she was careful not to say no, per se.
    Mr. Hoesktra came out of the session ready to run but as Thursday morfed into Friday he began to have some doubts.  It was decided that he would notify Gov. Rick Snyder of his decision by Friday at 4:15 last week.
    The appointed time came and went.  Mr. Hoekstra was not going to run and delayed the phone call.
    His wife said, "What do you mean, no?"
    Surprised by her apparent change of heart, his answer moved back to yes.
    Look for the formal announcement soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is sad. So it apparent that L. Brooks Patterson talked him into running just to spite Deebie Stabenow. Wow! I thought they ran on merit. What merit? He should not waste his or my time by running for something he really does not want therefore will not represent the people in the manner they should for somebody like Stabenow who does. This is ridiculous. The Republicans are running out of air. Let's here it fro the independents and democrats.

August 1, 2011 at 12:24 PM 

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