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Monday, July 4, 2011

Thaddius Who is Running for What?

    It is easy and with some justification to dismiss the presidential boomlet of one Thaddius McCotter the GOP Michigan Congressman.  He has no name ID, has no personal wealth to siphoned off to launch such a bid, and virtually the whole political world knows he doesn't have a snow ball's chance of nailing down the GOP nomination for the White House.
    But didn't they once say, Barack O'-who?  Didn't they predict John Engler could not defeat Jim Blanchard?  And electing a "nerd"  to be governor?  Come on.
    Hence McCotter has a chance to do this.  He's no worse than all the other GOP wanna be presidents.
    While his climb is steeper than most, he and his band of merry supporters, believe he can win.  What pol doesn't as they launch a bid that seems to go against all odds?
    McCotter will get plenty of free media which he will need.  He has easy access to his party base via the Fox News Network where he appeared recently with Mike Hucakbee.
   McCotter showed his funny side when he dismissed a would-be note from Vice President Joe Biden as written in crayon.  But he uncharacterically shyed away from confrontation with Mr. H. when the ex-governor revealed he thought the auto bail out was wrong.  McCotter backed it but keep his mouth shut.
    Points off.
   McCotter has set up shop in Iowa, the first caucus state and is increasing his visibility in New Hampshire the first primary state.  He's got a travel schedule that will take him to New York, Florida, California, etc.
   So he is doing all the things you would do if you wanted a shot at this and until he implodes or decides it is not going to work, you can't automatically write him off although it is very tempting.
   In the interim he will be fun to have around and if this flops, he can always run for Congress again although he is likely to have some competition or he can pack his rock guitar and line up a gig at some bar in Livonia‚Ķhe'd have no trouble doing that.


Blogger T.S.J. said...

It might help this so called "journalist's" credibility if he knew how to spell the candidate's name properly and if there weren't so many obvious grammatical and spelling errors in this blog. This blog was a tough read. I've never heard of the word, "uncharacterically" before, but it's fun to say. And, I'm guessing he kept his mouth shut vs. "keep his mouth shut." Unless, of course, you were instructing him to keep it shut. This is just a thought for future web publishings. I will most likely never visit this blog again, as I can't even read through the "About Me" bio on the home page. Sorry, Mr. Skubik. I can't get a job to save my life, but you have been working for decades with grammar like this? Amazing. Disgusting.

July 4, 2011 at 11:45 AM 
Anonymous Ralph Echtinaw said...

I agree with TSJ for the most part. Tim: You have long needed to be more careful about grammar and spelling on your blog. Here's an idea: Send your blog entries to TSJ and me before publication. Pay us $50 per blog entry, and we will proofread them for you.

July 5, 2011 at 5:15 AM 

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