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Sunday, June 26, 2011

RTW Train Coming

   Even though there were some in the news media that lusted for a Wisconsin-like confrontation here between labor and Republicans, it never materialized, but don't give up hope.
   It's only a matter of time before conservative Republicans move on flipping Michigan into a Right to Work state whereby you don't have to join a union even if your job is in a union shop.
   It's a freedom of choice issue and a job creator claim the proponents, but call it what you will, for organized labor around these parts, RTW are fighting words and fight they will.
   State Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer sums it up the best, "It will create the biggest multi-year fight that will be all over the national news.  Why would anyone want to invest here when we have that kind of fighting going on here in Michigan?"
    Now Mr. Brewer and the new GOP governor share very little in common but they agree on the blood-bath a protracted labor vs. business battle would spawn.
    During the campaign and now in office, Gov. Rick Snyder has made it clear that RTW is not on his immediate or far-range agenda.  He has said he would sign it, if it got to his desk, but betting money is, he never wants to see it on his desk.
    But some conservatives are not detracted from their mission.
    Leading the charge is Rep. Marty Knollenberg out of Oakland County who reflects on Brewer's dire warning with: "That's a matter of debate."
    As for his governor's less than rousing endorsement, the GOP lawmaker observes, "It's our job to bring things to him."  But what if he doesn't want this brought to him?
    The governor must know this kind of conservative stuff is not going to vanish just because he thinks it should.  Which is maybe why he is fixin' to keep lawmakers busy on a host of other issues when they return from summer break.


Anonymous Kelly said...

The news media is truly evil if they wish a godless and destructive mob upon our state...just so they can have news to write about. Thanks for giving us insight into the sad depraved view of the media.

June 27, 2011 at 4:57 AM 
Anonymous Free 2 Work said...

Right to work for more - more jobs, more families with more income. Even the public sector should like that - more jobs means more taxes for them to spend (or giveback, depending on their greed). Mr. Skubic is entertaining but seldom misses a chance to belittle conservatives. Brewer had better watch his own party, 40% favoring right to work. Does he not approve workers' rights, specifically, the right to not pay a third party for the privilege of keeping a job? We can legislate that unions have no responsibility for anyone who opts out to end the "freeloader" issue.

June 30, 2011 at 9:11 PM 

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