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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Close But No Cooperation

       They've been talking about joining political forces but when push came to shove on the first opportunity to do so, it was a bust.
        Hence the Michigan Education Association will go it alone and won't have the AARP at its side as the teacher's union tries to extricate some Republicans from their comfy legislative seats.
       Based on earlier reports the two entities have commenced discussions on how they might pool their resources to have a greater impact on politics in the capitol.  Both are smarting from a licking they took as the Snyder juggernaut ran rough shod over some of their core issues including a new pension tax on some seniors and hefty cuts to education and a redo of teacher tenure laws.
      The fact that AARP took a walk at getting even is indicative of how tough it can be for one group that leans right to hook up with one that leans left.
      "It was not their style," to get into recalls reports one insider familiar with the discussion about same.
       To be sure the discussion was serious as AARP went all the way up the food chain to its parent group in Washington and word came back, thanks but no thanks.
       Let's face it. Some of the conservative Republicans in the retiree group have conservative friends the MEA would like to oust.
       Having said that you can see AARP advising it members on who was naughty and nice, regardless of party affilaition, when the pension vote was taken but that is a far cry from trying to boot those Republicans out of office now.  The MEA will do the same thing; it's just not ready to sit around and do nothing until the election next November.
       This first failed attempt, however, should not be interpreted to mean the two groups won't find common ground on something else. But for now they are O for one.


Blogger Ralph Echtinaw said...

Hey Tim: I have no trouble believing the teachers unions "lean left" but in what respect does AARP "lean right"?

My understanding is that AARP "leans left," too.

Maybe you should have said it's hard for a socialist outfit like the MEA to find common ground with a liberal group like AARP.

July 15, 2011 at 4:38 AM 

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