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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Twp Leaders in a Pod

Dd anybody catch the similarities between the president's State of
the Union address and the State of the State message from Gov. Rick
There were a boatload…nine if not more and remember they are not in
the same party.
They are hardly soul-brothers but they are surprisingly on the same
page on many issues.
Starting with the auto industry bounce back, President Obama
joyously announced that "The American auto industry is back and General
Motors is number one."
Not all of the Republicans in the Congress got on their feet but
when GOP Gov. Snyder said basically the same thing two weeks ago, the
whole joint at the capitol, R's and D's, went bonkers.
The president talked about getting rid of lousy teachers. Governor
Snyder? Been there, done that.
The president talked about keeping college tuition costs down.
Governor Snyder's on that, too.
Charter schools? Same page.
The president waxed on about how to spend the federal extra cash,
now that the country is not spending it in the Middle East, and Gov.
Snyder has a surplus question to answer as well.
And on and on it went as the two leaders paralleled each other all
over the place.
Which brings us to the "relationship" they have. Far as we can
tell, the governor has not broken bread with Mr. Obama, but the guys in
the White House have noticed that Mr. Snyder is not a fire-brand, off
the wall, anti-labor governor like the gov's in Ohio and Wisconsin.
In fact this GOP governor has been down right friendly with the
president's transportation director who has funneled some federal
goodies into the state as result.
And when the GOP candidates for president where bashing the
president for helping the auto industry, there was GOP Gov. Snyder on
the side lines refusing to join in. "I will not second guess the
president" was his only comment while the Mitt Romneys of the world
socked it to Mr. O.
Chances are Mr. Snyder will not bash the president. He is not the
bashing type.
As a former GOP president was fond of saying, "Not gonna happen"
much to the chagrin of other state Republicans who would like the
governor to be somebody he is not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Ya, but, words seem to have lost their meaning with politicians anymore. In other words, "I support a strong educational system" could mean I want to add funding to the schools or it could mean I want to cut funding to the schools.

2. Betcha Synder signs Right-to-work when it lands on his desk. He may be saying, "Oh, it's not my agenda!" but he will sign it nonetheless.

January 29, 2012 at 11:54 AM 

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