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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your $10 Mil at Work

Never before has so much ink been used over $10 million and here
comes some more.
Michigan voters will go the polls on Feb 28th to pick a GOP
candidate for president. If the current trend continues, the election
will likely be meaningless in that Mitt Romney will likely have the
nomination wrapped up with a ribbon on it by then.
So your logical self might ask, why don't we save the $10
Tell your logical self to get lost.
The state Republican party is feverishly try to spin the notion
that the election is relevant and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson tried
to make it so the other day by adding the name of Barack Obama to the
Never mind that Michigan Democrats have decided to hold a party
caucus to re-nominate the prez, thus avoiding a statewide vote, and the
party will pay for it, not you.
But under the heading, Misery Loves Company, Republican Johnson
ignored that and by law, she says she had to add the President's name
to the ballot
Well it didn't take long for the state Democratic Party chair
to blow the whistle accusing Ms. Johnson of trying to "drag " the D's
into story.
Brewer correctly notes that once the voters figure out the $10
million is a waste of money and when they have to publicly declare
their party preference before they vote, the you-know-what will hit
the fan. Johnson wants to make sure, he argues, that the splattering
is bi-partisan.
In another more subtle attempt to squeeze an advantage out of
all this, Brewer is maneuvering to allow Democrats to cross-over and
cast a ballot in the GOP primary. Talk about your party mischief.
Without impunity, Democrats could pick a Rick Santorum or
another loser from the GOP field in an attempt to embarrass Mr. Romney
in his previous own back yard.
Now Mr. Brewer has long said he does not encourage attempts
by Democrats to muddy the GOP waters.
But if you look closely, you can see his nose is growing.


Anonymous Adam said...

Some might wish the present trend continues and Romney wins... but if anything, expect Brewer to support anybody other than Ron Paul, who besides being uniquely positioned to shatter Obama's base, is the only serious candidate who supports Right to Work.

January 18, 2012 at 9:52 AM 

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