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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Second in Command

Every governor has one. Somebody whom they can trust; someone who
is loyal, someone who will do the dirty work and do the heavy lifting
to get stuff done, and someone who not be a yes man or woman.
Gov. William Milliken had his Jerry Miller.
Gov. Jim Blanchard had his Rick Cole.
Gov. John Engler had Gov. John Engler.
Gov. Jennifer Granholm had Lt. Gov. John Cherry.
And Gov. Rick Snyder has his L.G. Brian Calley.
Mr. Calley and Mr. Snyder are a matched set. The former one term
house member was picked by candidate Snyder because the Ann Arbor
business guy knew nothing about Lansing. He was smart enough to know
that and took steps to remedy it.
Mr. Calley stepped in and took each assignment and worked long
hours to carry the water for the boss and it mostly worked.
Interviewed the other day at, he noted that he was a
Right to Work supporter when he resided in the Michigan House, but now
since the boss says, "this is not on my agenda," turns out it is no
longer on Calley's either.
In fact he feels this one will get no way fast.
"Just because we have a Republican majority, does not mean there
is a Republican majority for Right to Work," he reflects.
That doesn't mean the ultra-right wingers will pack it in. Nope.
They will push next year to pass this thing, but Mr. Calley figures it
will never get to the governor's desk. The governor is hoping his Man
Friday, is right.
Of course, no Lt. Governor ever grows up wanting to be the second
in command, so it seemed only logical to quiz Mr. Calley about his long
term agenda.
Do you want to be governor? was the pointed question.
And the pointed rejoinder?
"I want to be the senior capitol correspondent, so look out!"
Duly noted.


Anonymous Rocky Road said...

Andy Dillon isn't Lt. Gov?

That's a shock...


December 25, 2011 at 5:19 AM 

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