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Monday, December 19, 2011

GOP Grinches Steal Gov's Christmas

The governor is not getting everything he wanted for Christmas and
the Grinches who made that possible are from his own party.
Baa humbug!
First, Republican lawmakers stiffed their governor on the bridge
between Detroit and Windsor and now House Republicans refuse to cough
up votes for Mr. Snyder's health care market place legislation.
Those lawmakers believe his idea moves the state closer to
Obama-care which many R's are loathed to support, but ironically the
governor and senate Republicans have a different take.
They have told the house if it does not act on the governor's
blueprint, that will lead to Obama-care being imposed on the state
One guy whose temperature is going up is Sen. Jim Marleau
(R-Oakland County.) This mild-mannered and affable guy is frustrated
with his so-called friends in the House who won't get in line.
"I'm sick and tired of them calling it different names (referring
to Obama-care)…This is Michigan care" and some two million folks are
waiting to use it. "The time is now, not later" he adds for emphasis
as his pulse goes up another notch.
Forget it, retorts two Oakland County R's.
Rep. Marty Knollenberg wants to wait for the U.S. Supreme court
to rule on the national health care law sometime after next June.
Rep. Chuck Moss concurs complaining that this "sets us
irrevocably down the path to Obama-care and our guys aren't for it…Why
do we want to be the first people to buy a ticket on this boat which
may turn out to be the Titanic."
Even the GOP Speaker of the House Jase Bolger has turned a deaf
ear to his governor and the two have reportedly had more than a few
words on this one.
So if the governor is not getting these items under his tree, he
is getting something else: A tough lesson on how lawmakers can control
their governor and not the other way around.


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