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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now What for Recalled Lawmaker?

Paul Scott is looking for work and a Flint radio station wants him
to be a talk show host.
He can't be that desperate, can he?
Republican Scott has the distinction of being the first legislator
to be booted out of office since 1983 and he's taking it well.
He's not into second guessing even though he lost his house seat by
a mere 230 votes which in a 24,000 vote election is pretty darn close.
His biggest challenge was not dealing with all the issues that were
raised by the Michigan Education Association and others, including the
senior pension tax, a hefty tax cut for business at the expense of the
schools, etc. etc.
No. He believes it was a "love affair" that Genesee County voters
have with labor unions that did him in.
Scott, in his only extended TV exit interview at, reveals
that he knocked on a lot of doors and got this response: "Paul. We
like what you are doing in Lansing but you know my family owes a lot to
the unions and we just have to support them."
End of story and end of Mr. Scott's three year career in the
Michigan House.
Well not quite.
The chances are very good he will run next year for his house
seat and in the meantime he will study for the bar exam in February.
In the meantime he reflects that he's enjoyed the last two weeks
because no lobbyists have been hounding him to do this or do that.
Thanks to the love of unions in his backyard, he can pretty much
do what he wants right now.


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