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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You'd Never Do This

    Much of what transpires in Lansing defies logic but then that's why they call it politics and not an exact science.
    To wit: Being a member of the House and Senate earns you about $70,000 a year.  So why on earth would you spend more than that to get elected?
     Check this out.  There are 38 members of the state senate and five of them spent more than $70,000, of their OWN money to keep their seats.  Another nine spent darn close to that.
     This would be like going to a potential employer, who was willing to pay you $50,000 a year, and offering him or her $75,000 for the job.
     No logic there.
     Sen. John Papageorge (R-Oakland County) is on top of the Big Spender list having shelled out $125,000 from his savings account.  Next is former school superintendent Bruce Caswell who somehow scrapped together $116,000 and fifth on the list is conservative Macomb County Sen. Jack Brandenburg who coughed up 85 thousand smackers.
     The others were not nearly as generous with their own money but they are noteworthy nonetheless.  Oakland County Republican Mike Kowall appropriated $62,000.  Sen. Steve Bieda from Warren came in with $37,000 and part of the Rocca dynasty, Tory, dug into his wallet to the tune of $30,000 just shy of half of what he will earn.
     So what gives?
     No, they are not certifiable.
     Believe it or not many politicians do have a dominant gene for public service and want to make a difference; some have an ego; some love the power, some see this as a stepping stone to a better job; and some don't want to lose what they already have.
     Whatever the reasons, you must concede that most of you would never spend more than you will earn which is why you are in the private sector and not in Lansing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well how long are their terms ?
If they are four years then the officials
have spent $70,000 but will earn
$280,000. (4x70,000)

Cheers !

November 8, 2011 at 4:38 PM 

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