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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recall Fall-out

     All of this is so counter to what Gov. Rick Snyder wants to do, that is creating a spirit of cooperation between R's and D's, that he blurted out the other day that recalls are not good for either party and therefore we assume the state, too.
     In about a week the voters in Genesee County will decide the fate of Rep. Paul Scott.  The second term Republican chairs the House Education panel and when he ran for office, the Michigan Education Association saw him as a breath of fresh air and endorsed him.
    Now the MEA is gagging for air.
    You see Mr. Scott rode herd on some education "reform" issues that the teacher's union did not like.  Rather than wait for the November 2012 election to take him out, the union shelled out close to $150,000 to get the job done now.
    Borrowing the law from physics, for every political action there is a reaction.  Hence the state GOP has now targeted six house Democrats and will go after even more regardless of what happens Nov. 8th to Mr. Scott.
    A Genesee County Democrat does not share in the drive to get even.  Sen. John Gleason denounces all recalls as bad for government and  demeaning to boot.  He's tried for years to make it tougher to recall any official but all those efforts failed.
    Maybe wobbly legislators are afraid to change the law for fear they could be recalled?
    One school suggests recalls are good for the democracy; but the GOP governor and the state Democratic party chair see little good in it.
    But no matter what happens with Mr. Scott, the anger, revenge, bitterness and travail will hang like a dark cloud over proceedings in the capitol.
    Bi-partisanship, which is always a dicey endeavor as the new governor has painfully discovered, is never easy.  This is hardly the elixcer Mr. Snyder needs to grow it now.


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