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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can't Make Him Answer

   For a guy who steadfastly professes to be a non-career politician, he has certainly adapted quite nicely to one of the traits of a career pol: Not wanting to answer tough questions.
    Don't kid yourself, Gov. Rick Snyder is one tough-cookie when it comes to bobbing and weaving away from controversial inquires.  Take the Right to Work question.
    The governor has said any attempt by businesses and Republicans to cut into union membership would be "divisive" and he wants no part of that.  Period.
    Up until now silly reporters have continued to ask for his position on the issue itself and like the career politician he says he is not, he declines to expand on his answer.
    So an even sillier correspondent tried to come in the back door the other day.
   "Governor.  Your position on not wanting to debate Right to Work is clear, but set aside for the moment the divisiveness of this debate and please answer this question:  Does RTW create jobs?
     Now recall that the governor is a data-driven guy who longs for all the answers he can gobble up before he makes a decision.  And the job creation aspect gets right to the heart of the Right to Work debate so surely he will wade right in with his analysis.
     "I think the issue is divisive," he says for the umpteenth time.
     "Let me press you on that.  Does it create jobs?"
     Double ha.
      "I'll just leave it at what I said," he stonewalls again.
      And in staying on message he concludes that "just talking about" the jobs angle is divisive in and of itself.
      Score it career politician: One.  Frustrated reporter: Zippo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's how Snyder got elected-VAGUE

October 11, 2011 at 6:44 PM 
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