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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pete's Tune Changes

   In an attempt to beef up his lead over the other GOP U.S. Senate contenders, the Pete Hoekstra campaign got a little greedy.  It trotted out this news release the other day proudly announcing, "Hoekstra Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge."
   Actually the release should have read, "Hoekstra Re-signs" the no-tax pledge as he actually signed it for the first time way back in August of 2010 when he was running for governor.
   Not only was the news release a tad misleading, it lead to a rehash of the fact that Mr. Hoekstra had done a somersalt on the issue or if your prefer, which the current Hoekstra campaign does not, he flip-flopped.
   An aide sheepishly concedes the point and good thing because there is proof all over the place that he once was against the no tax pledge before he was for it.
   During a FOX2 interview while running for governor, Mr. Hoekstra called it a "bad pledge" and asked directly if he would sign it, he offered, "No, I don't think so…signing pledges only gets you into trouble."
    But then signing them can too.
    Let's just say his position has been evolving.  During the first Gov debate on Mackinac Island in May of 2009, Hoekstra declined to take the pledge.
    But the next year, he was reversing himself sighting the lousy economy and the lack of reform in Lansing to justify his switch-eroo.
    All of this was ancient history and betya nobody remembered he did that, but now they do, because he brought it up.
    Isn't only a matter of time before his opponents try to exploit this.
    Points off for resurrecting an issue that was better left in the grave for some else to dig up.


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