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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Experience Counts or Does It?

  The minions for Clark Durant, one of the Repubs running for the U.S. Senate, have been banging pretty hard on front-runner Pete Hoekstra for having too much experience in Congress.
  The West Michigan candidate has 18 years under his belt in the U.S. House and the Durant crowd argues that disqualifies him from going into the senate.  This is under the heading, no experience is better than any Washington experience.
   Durant crony Saul Anuzis sums it up, Pete "has become a part of Washington.  Washington is part of the problem." Apparently the only time Mr. Durant has been there is to visit the joint, not work there.  And what the Detroit charter school operator Durant brings to the table is his private sector experience his defenders go on.
   Mr. Hoekstra made a lap around the state this week announcing that he for sure was in the race and touting his Washington and private sector business background in the same sound bite.
    "I think having someone in Washington that actually has experience there, along with private sector experience, is a real benefit."
     But here is the revealing twist in this story.  Normally you would assume that Mr. Hoekstra would return the fire aimed at Mr. Clark when given an opening to question HIS lack of experience.
     The question was pointed:  Is a candidate disqualfied if he or she lacks a Washington resume?
     Hoekstra, who has pledged to run a positive campaign and stay out of the mud, did just that.  "I wouldn't say you can't have someone with no experience."  Which is another way of saying, Durant's lack of experience is not a problem.
     Unfortunately for Mr. H, Mr. D. will not return the favor.


Blogger AQuest said...


"Washington experiene" has gotten Michiganders exactly nothing in return for "lifer" politicians in this State. I received a pathetic "template" email from Senator Levin in response to a letter sent regarding the debt ceiling issue many many weeks ago. The letter is a prime example of "Washington Experience" being of no value to Michigan. Without getting into all the left wing idealogies that were in this letter to attack corporate America and potentially force remaining corporation to leave this state, this is my response to Mr. Levin's 1990s style "election year" letter...Mr. Levin,

After reading your "letter" (template) I can agree with very few of your completely left idealogies regarding the economy.

Can I explain? I will try to be brief. How long have you been in office? How long has Michigan been deteriorating? Why has it taken you more than 4 years to speak to Michigan voters? Was it that you needed to let the dust settle so that your campaign rhetoric would be more pallatable?

Maybe you need to retire, because you definitely lost touch with you State. We have been waiting for you and Senator Stabenow to step up to the plate with some form of "plan" to turn Michigan around. Instead you come to the voters with this left "Obama" riddled plan to tax corporations more and force more businesses to stay out of Michigan.

Obviously Mr. Levin, I could go on and pick apart your letter bit by bit, but I am tired. I just spent over 70 hours working this week to make the same amount I was making pre-housing market crash of 2008 where I lost everything...........everything.

I am not a slouch nor am I an idiot. I know what it will take to turn this State around...........incentive.......incentive Mr Levin. Not more liberal hate for corporate America. I understand the banks gave us a beating........but that is NOT corporate America. The reason these companies have left this state is to go where they can afford the labor force...........not UNION BOSS pocket lining wages.

Mr. Levin, just get another line of work. The rest of us had to ...........and thanks for taking almost 4 years to speak to us..........and then to do it only because it is coming up on an election year. We aren't stupid MR. OBAMA and MR. LEVIN

I really believe experience is not always the best bet for a good "representative" of Michigan. Let's get a candidate that cares about his/her state and get rid of these "life time" politicians, Senators Levin and Stabenow.

September 16, 2011 at 3:53 PM 

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